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ph10-12.jpg (6667 bytes) PH-10  "SILKEN CAPTIVES"

MARCH 1999

Starring: Megan Monroe, Gianna Roland, & Melita Torres.

A Ken Scott Film

More beautiful women tied up in pantyhose!!  Three sexy victims in two bondage-filled stories!!

Lashed to her bed with her own panty-hose, Linda Taylor struggles desperately to get free--her girlfriend will be coming soon and her captor, after ransacking her apartment has not left!  But, her efforts are futile--she watches in horror as Maria is overpowered and bound and gagged. Tying them cruelly, he tells Maria he wants the combination the the office safe--it’s going to be a very long day!

Answering an ad for models, sexy blonde, Cindy Parker thinks she’s in luck!  Told she has the job, Cindy is told to report to the wardrobe department and get ready to work. After changing into a sexy satin outfit she hears the door open and to her horror, she is tightly bound and gagged. Heart pounding with fear, she attempts to loosen the cords that hold her helpless--tries to cry out for help through the thick gag---wait! the door is opening! what is happening !!

As usual,"Silken Captives" focuses on the sheer, sexy pantyhose but when you add to the mix three beautiful captives-tight ropes and gags & costuming from streetclothes to lingerie and topless--you’re sure to find something you like!

90 min. $ 14.95

ph9-18.jpg (9889 bytes) PH-"SHEER TERROR"


Starring: Cameron & Ward and Introducing Aleta Vargas & Megan Monroe.

A Ken Scott Film

Three more panty-hose clad victims in two stories of capture and bondage--including two sexy new models making their debut in the latest entry in our popular panty-hose series!

Dressed in a sexy business suit, sexy, dark-haired Cathy Davis is not looking forward to another Monday morning--it’s going to be a long day--how could she know just how long!!

The intruder that overpowers her is silent as he ties her up--forcing a thick cloth gag between her lips and tying it brutally tight in her long hair.  Her struggles are useless as he completes her bondage.   Left alone, she tries to reach the phone--her efforts only get her hogtied on the desk--but her captor is not through tormenting the young beauty--Monday’s are always bad--but not like this!

Dressing for work, roommates pull on their panty-hose, smoothing the sheer material that clings to their shapely legs. As they leave, a masked intruder grabs Sharon, holds a gun to her head and despite futile protests.  He ties and gags the two girls tightly--leaving them helpless to escape the cords.  Filled with fear, the two girls hear their captor return--if they think their day is over--think again--it’s only the beginning--more cruel bondage awaits the terrified pair!

While panty-hose is featured, this is a story for everyone who likes pretty girls and tight bondage. Playing roommates, Aleta and Megan, are perfect as the terrified victims unable to escape the ropes and gags.   Megan, from Australia, brings a different flavor to the video --you can’t go wrong MATE!!!

90 min. $25.00

ph8-13.jpg (9302 bytes) PH-"THEY'VE GOT LEGG'S"


Starring: Shayna Collier, Gianna Roland & introducing
Lexi Dressler & Cameron Ward

A Ken Scott Film

The office is the setting for both of the exciting stories in the latest entry featuring pretty girls, tight ropes and gags and, of course, smooth silky panty hose.

As the three sexy girls get dressed for work -- smoothing the sheer panty hose on their looong legs and fixing their hair, neither can imagine the day of captivity and bondage that awaits them.  In the middle of inventory, the unsuspecting girls are captured one at a time and brutally bound and gagged while their captor collects his loot.  Enjoying their helplessness--he removes more and more clothes and ties and gags them even tighter before leaving them in an abandoned staircase!

Next...when secretary Katie Winslow is sent to get a form from the warehouse the sexy young blonde is overpowered, bound, gagged, and left to squirm against the coils of rope that cut into her tender flesh.   Helpless, she moans into her gag as the intruder strips off her clothes and ties her in her panty-hose.

"LEGGS" is 105 minutes of action--on-screen tying and gagging and four gorgeous victims in various stages of dress and bondage--all you panty-hose fans out there.


105 min. $14.95

ph7-1.jpg (8472 bytes) PH-7   "SILKEN BONDS"


Starring:  Brandi Doyle, Lindsey Sinclaire, & introducing Leah Janero

A Ken Scott Film

Two of your favorite models, a very sexy new model--add tight bondage, silencing gags, and of course, lots of sleek, sexy pantyhose and you’ve got 95 minutes of bondage drama just for you!!

When Traci Malone gets a job as a bondage model she decides to practice before she starts. Tying herself up, she’s interrupted by the return of her roommate, Lisa.  Hearing of Traci’s new job, the about to be evicted girl decides to keep Traci tied up while SHE goes for the job.  She stuffs Traci’s mouth and tapes it tightly.  Leaving her furious roommate tied and gagged, Lisa goes to work.   After struggling furiously, however, Traci gets loose and plans a nice "surprise" for her roommate.  But, her plans go astray, when after tying the treacherous Lisa, her employer shows up with ideas of his own!!  NEXT!!

Dull was the way Teresa always described her job--as secretary to a lawyer all she did was type boring legal papers. But that ended with a knock on the door--a gun in her face and ropes being twisted around her lush young body-a thick gag tight between her teeth.  Her female captor, after ransacking the office, forces the helpless girl from the office and into a day of helplessness and fear.   As Teresa strains against the ropes she realizes--Dull is better!!!

Filled with sexy victims,tight bondage and gags AND smooth silky panty hose-you won’t want to miss the excitement!!!

95 minutes  $25.00

ph7-25.jpg (8932 bytes)
ph6-j.jpg (10660 bytes) PH-"SMOOTH N' SILKY"

JULY 1998

Starring: Melita Torres, Sonya Morales & Morgan Reed:


What do get when you mix together 3 sexy models,tight bondage, & silky pantyhose?  90 minutes of bondage excitement!

Starting a new job, sexy, dark-haired Linda Lorenzo prepares to leave her apartment but instead of working--it will be a long day of terrifying captivity and bondage for the helpless victim.  Bound with her pantyhose, mouth stuffed and gagged, she struggles desperately against her silken bonds as her captor returns and begins to remove her clothes. Why is this happening to her?   NEXT!!...

It’s court day for Tracy Davis--she has to testify against her boss who had been embezzling from the company.  But, her ex-bosses girlfriend, Tanya, has other ideas!  Entering Tracy’s apartment, she chloroforms the unsuspecting girl and lashes her to the bed using her victims own pantyhose, gagging her tightly. But, soon there are two squirming captives--Tanya’s boyfriend decides to let her take the blame for preventing Tracy from testifying--he spends a couple of hours removing his captives clothes and enjoying their helplessness before leaving them to strain against the ropes and moan through the tight gags---"the best laid plans" etc.!!!

"Smooth n’ Silky" features 3 sexy captives,tight bondage, including being bound with pantyhose, and many different gags. Costumes range from steetclothes-to lingerie and topless but the spotlight is on the smooth, silky, pantyhose.


90 min $25.00

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